Note of the web master (Peter):



After years of relying on - and financially sponsoring of - this our unique information source of more than 100 pages, the JNU Administration has decided no longer to put a link on its official website to our website (or even to the International Students' Organisation!). It means that prospective/current students are no longer capable of finding our information.

This is the reason why we sadly conclude this endeavour.

Perhaps in the future reason will prevail and the JNU Administration will understand that by the poor information published on its official site it does not even come close to inform - or even encourage - any prospective foreign students about what life is really like in JNU.

I would like to thank the 100s of students who, over the course of many years, have helped me to improve and update relentlessly the information underneath. It was also a privilege for me to receive - and reply to - 1,000s of emails regarding studying and living in INDIA and JNU. Thank you too, Irshad and Sri for your techie efforts in Mauritius and Uganda (Buhugu IT).


We assisted students coming from all cultures, creeds and castes in the world  regarding  their JNU queries, and, hence, well worth the Himalayan effort!

V. W. Peter (web master and bridge builder)



During the overhaul of the section on international students on the official JNU Website, the link to this website was wrongly copied.  Now the link to this website has been re-established on the official JNU website under "Int'l Students' Association", however, all students in JNU benefit from the information and are requested to give feedback.

MONSOON SEMESTER 2011: Big welcome to more than 1,000 new JNU faces. Enjoy all the freshers' welcome parties!!

Enjoy the summer holidays and see you next academic year!!!

End April - May 2011 Exams coming up during the hottest time of the year: (up to 50 degrees in the second floor rooms) sweat it out, guys!

Happy Holi!! (
May you pass your bhang test with flying colours...)

1985-2011: Foreign Students' Association
March 2011 JNU Administration changes the name from "Foreign Students' Association" into "International Students Association".

Application forms deadline
1 April..

Hostel nights
have been, once more, a great success. Every year more expensive and bigger!

Winter semester 2011:
Temperatures have dropped below 5 degrees on campus (due to the vegetation JNU campus is always 1 degree colder in winter and 1 degree hotter in summer than Delhi city).

HAPPY 2011 to all!!!

November 2010
Busy month for celebrations: on 5 HAPPY DIWALI!!! Even Prez Obama comes to India for Diwali and PM Singh goes to Malaysia for it. And the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) celebrates 60 years (3550 foreign students are currently studying in India under 21 scholarship schemes - click left on "Scholarship"). On 12 Nov. the XVIIIth international students' festival in Indira Gandhi International Centre for the Arts invites 1500 students.

October 2010 We welcome the newly elected FSA Executive Committee members as well as the new Foreign Students Advisor, Prof. Alka Acharya. We also thank the former Foreign Students Advisor, Arun Kumar Mohanty.

10 September 2010 HAPPY EID-AL-FITR!!!  The end of Ramadan will be celebrated by office bearers and in the hostels.

Monsoon semester 2010-2011 Delhi's IGI airport new terminal T3 (8th biggest in the world) opens just in time for the JNU registrations end of July 2010 - one would wish that newcomers in JNU also could make a flying start for their registration!

Pictures of our gorgeous campus have been added (click on "Maps / Pictures"). Big thanks to MIn, a JNUIte photographer from South Korea, who sent us his pictures. Feel free to send us yours!

Since the demise of geocities, this website has been re-hosted by yola. The link to this website has been re-established on the official JNU website under "Foreign Students' Association", however, all students in JNU benefit from the information and are requested to give feedback.

Football World Cup (South Africa) Matches can be watched in hostels (e.g. Brahmaputra) on big screen - MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN! 

31 May 2010 Retirement Ms Damayanti Tambey, Dpty.-Dir. Sports Officer After 37 1/2 years, having survived 10 VCs, with Arjuna (highest sport) Award, 6 national titles in badminton, she was celebrated by (ex-)students. She will stay on as advisor in the stadion.

Winter semester 2010 Since there are still no JNUSU elections, a referendum is planned for the whole student community.

New Foreign Student Advisor Prof. Mohanty (SIS) We wish him good luck and are grateful for his help in resolving problems.

2009-2010 Academic Year This year is no different from all the others: running around with the proverbial but colourful folios will make you appreciate the jobs if not the importance of the bureaucrats!

2009 Pictures of our gorgeous campus have been added to this website (click on "Album") Thanks a ton, Jagat, for the technical know how!

20 Feb-March 2009 Hostel nights have started with cultural shows, dance, films; FSA has film festival from 21-24 Feb. All are welcome!

From 10 Feb. 2009 a strike (bandh) is called by JNUSU against potential privatisation moves and fee hikes by the administration. JNU, MARCH ON, MARCH ON, ZINDABAD, ZINDABAD!

1-15 Feb. 2009 Surajkund Mela theme: Madhya Pradesh. Catch a bus on the cross roads of the Outer Ring Road with the Faridabad road and don't miss visiting the lake behind the fair ground!

2 Feb. 2009 JNU entrance exam application forms (for admission to full-time programmes) are available at the Administration Block; last date for submission of forms is 16 March; exams themselves will be held from 15-18 May.

25 Jan. 2009 JNUSU gets extension till August as decided by UGBM (Supreme Court had stayed elections).

5 Jan. 2009 Ladies and Gentlemen, the winter semester starts today: On your marks...set...GO for registration! Welcome also to the few new students from India and abroad who are joining this semester. For her useful suggestions to update this website, a special thanks to Bettina (Germany)!

November 2008 A big change has come to JNU for the first time since its existence: a new runway (29-11; 14,534 ft; longest in Asia; 6,50,000 tonnes of asphalt) at IGI has diverted the landing planes further towards the south i.e. over Vasant Kunj. This means that planes including the ear deafening Ilyushin 76 will no longer land just above our campus. (click on 'Miscellaneous' - 'Good to know')

2 October 2008 On Gandhi's birthday a national ban on smoking in public comes into force (click on 'Miscellaneous' - 'Good to know')

22 July 2008 Reopening after summer vacations: monsoon semester start. Dr. Arun Kumar Mohanty is the new Foreign Students' Advisor.

21 March 2008: HOLY MOLY, It's HOLI again! Best wishes to all: enjoy the BHANG and throw those colours on friend and foe alike! After the coldest winter in Delhi for over a decade, temperatures will shoot up now...

10 November 2007 HAPPY DEEPAVALI WISHES!!! Fire crackers and bonfires and, of course, special dinner in the hostels!!!

14/15 August: at the stroke of the midnight hour, the tryst with destiny was India's independence 60 years ago; this year we also commemorate 150 years of 1857 independence war (aka "Sepoy mutiny").

Academic year 2007-2008 has started with a monsoon semester that has not stolen its name: WELCOME TO ALL NEWCOMERS IN JNU (remember, after rain comes sunshine!)

Since Jan 2007is Shri Balasubramaniam no longer our Deputy-Registrar (Admissions): we are grateful for his most helpful services throughout the years since he took over from Jagdish Chander and wish him all the best.

Jan 2007 A new foreign students' Advisor has been appointed: we thank the previous advisor, Prof. Sahni, and welcome Prof. Sushama Jain of the Japanese Centre (School of Languages) for her second tenure as FSAdvisor; she can be reached on this email:

2007 From now all the names of the students obtaining an Mphil, MTec or PhD with the titles of their dissertations and theses are publicised on the net:

start Winter semester A historical feat has been accomplished in the past months: all the books of the JNU library - including your dissertations and theses - can now be consulted all over the world through internet: All the books are also in the process of being recatalogued under a new code system.

21 Oct 2006: DIWALI!!!! The festival of light is celebrated everywhere loud and clear: beware of fire crackers!

Pictures of our gorgeous campus have been added Thanks to the photogenius Sarah who sent us her pictures. Feel free to send us yours!

2006-2007, It's monsoon 2006, so a new academic year has started again! Some of you had contacted us before arriving in Delhi with a wild array of questions about their future life and studies in JNU, and now that you find yourself on the JNU campus, things pretty much work out eventually, but perhaps not always in the way you had anticipated...That's JNU (or India?), folks, and now it's up to you to get used to it! Do not hesitate to continue sending your comments, suggestions and criticism for that's the stuff this, your JNU website, is made of! A big THANKS for all the people who made themselves available to help the newcomers find their way through the registration and hostel procedures. All the best and enjoy your stay in JNU!

14 March 2006: HAPPY HOLI: come and play out on campus - don't lock yourselves in!!!

10 JAN 2006: EID MUBARAK!!!


26 Dec 2005: We remember all the victims of the tsunami, and all the JNUites who helped with offering assistance to them.

During this admission/registration period (1 August till 20 August 2005) a special effort will be made to receive newly arriving foreign students:


    Send an email to: Mention clearly:

    1. your name
    2. a description of yourself, your clothes and your luggage at the time of arrival in Delhi
    3. date of arrival
    4. hour of arrival (Indian time)
    5. name of the airline
    6. flight number and
    7. place of arrival: the international (IGI) or the domestic airport.
    Mention your email address and wait for confirmation from us. In case you do not receive a confirmation, we are not able to pick you up.

      If you are an ICCR scholarship holder and you have notified the Indian Embassy 1-2 weeks in advance of your exact arrival date, an ICCR car may pick you up at the airport.

    1. 10 April 2005: Foreign Students' mela night

      End of March: finish of the reconstruction of (one batch of rooms in) Aravali guesthouse.

      March 2005: HOSTEL NIGHTS every weekend

      14 February 2005: International Food festival tickets in the stalls on Jhelum Lawns.

      IMPORTANT FOR FOREIGN STUDENTS: new email address of foreign students' advisor, Dr Sahni:

      1-20 February 2005: Surajkund crafts and dance Mela (theme: Chhattisgarh) Haryana tourism buses leave from AIIMS on every half hour and hour from 9am to 6pm; back from 10am to 8h30 pm.

      1/1: HAPPY NEW 2005! 21/1: HAPPY EID! Celebration on campus is in Sabarmati hostel 10h30.

      November 12-13: H A P P Y D I W A L I & E I D ! There will be parties on campus e.g. in some hostels and 12 Nov. 8 PM FSA office and check out the Delhi fireworks display from your hostel roofs or Parthasarthy 'love' rocks...

      CORRECTION regarding the (wrong email on the) official JNU website: The Foreign Student Advisor, Dr Varun Sahni (School of International Studies) can be reached only on this email address: Thank you, Dr Sahni, for pointing out this mistake!

      2004-2005: W E L C O M E to the NEW academic year! What's so NEW in JNU? NEW faces on campus, a NEW JNU official website (click on the name of the School, then on 'faculty' and you find the email addresses of all professors), a NEW monsoon (semester) with a NEWLY elected JNUSU and FSA and NEWLY appointed FSAdvisor Dr. Sahni...But hey, plus ca change...the more it stays the same: OLD (re)registration blues, very helpful OLD hands Prof. Rekha Rajan (Foreign Students' Advisor), and good OLD 'pick up' Mohammad (Iran), e(ternal) help by Ska (SL), goo'OL positive Uffe (DK), NEW Sarah (US), OLD English XPert Peter (NL) and Corto Maltese Dmanki and Manesh. YOU, OLD or NEW JNUite there in front of your computer screen, you are also thanked: there are more than 25.000 of your hits for this, YOUR JNU website - please write your suggestions to make this an even better JNU 'Lonely Planet' guidebook!

      2003-2004: 1 January 2004: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL FROM JNU!!! This website will always be under (re)construction since things change continuously... On popular demand a brand new section on 'casual students' (see under 'Admission and registration') as well as the telephone number of Guantanamo Bay (see 'telephone and fax numbers') have been included. More changes are in the pipeline - check it out after some time! Without Stine (DK)/Maria (SF)/Ska (SL)/Mohammad (Iran)/Fredje, Mathilde (F)/Rekha (Foreign Students' Advisor) this (re)construction would not have been possible - tak/keitos/nanri/shukria/merci/dhanyavad!

      2002-2003: The JNU Administration has totally overhauled its own official website: check it under 'Admission and registration' and then 'International Students' for information about international students, and under 'Academics' then 'Schools and Centres' you find the email addresses of professors whom you may contact directly in case you have any questions about studying in JNU. The globalisation of the JNU student body is continuing - never before have so many students from so many countries joined. Also this year the first 'glocalised' course (taking place for 3 months each in JNU, S. Africa and Germany) has started. Lastly, a big THANKS for your compliments in our guestbook and a huge HUG for e-Ska (SL), IGI-Mohammad (Iran), 'family man' Ali (Iraq) and 'rickshawoman' Smita Mazumdar (I) for their help!

      We also welcome the JNU administration’s major improvements for foreign students:

      The major new features of the 2001-2002 edition include:

      • every information (incl. the 2001-2002 academic calendar) is updated
      • a major overhaul of the website will make it more user friendly
      • more practical information regarding the arrival on Day One (e.g. from the airport to JNU)
      • uploading of maps and embassy addresses

      2001-2002: another academic year means another edition of our JNU information guide book. However, in 2001-2002 there will only be updates on the web and no 4th edition on paper - feel free to download and print yourself!

      It was most encouraging to receive the highest accolades for this website from people in and outside JNU. For her altruistic e-efforts in 2001, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Ska (Sri Lanka). Special thanks too for suggestions to Laura (Mexico) and Mohammad (Iran) and I am indebted to Anjana (Nepal) and Mitali for having exploited their valuable time and scanning efforts.

      2000-2001 The 3rd (millennium) edition would not have been as comprehensive without your help: special thanks to Irshad and Suba (Website Wizkids, Mauritius and Tamil Nadu), Rajesh Mall (for meticulous scrutiny), Pankaj (Bihar), Shadi (Iran), Gitanjali, Naser (Palestine), Mohita (Rajasthan), Antia (Spain), Siddoji (Andhra Pradesh), Mitali (Meghalaya), Mohammad (Iran), Sujay (Uttar Pradesh), Sabil (Kerala), Ashraf (Netherlands), Geevarghese (ICCR), Sushma (Foreign Students' Advisor), Vijoo (ex-JNU Students' Union President), Rekha (ex-Foreign Students' Advisor).

      1996 & 1998 For the first two editions - published only on paper - a big thanks to Suzette (USA), Maiko (Japan), Ute (Germany), Marianne (Denmark), Fergus (UK), Mohieldin (Sudan), Lasa (Sri Lanka), Rakesh (Ranchi) and Kheya Bhattacharya (ICCR).



      As always, I urge everyone to give me your suggestions and names of ex-JNU students (alumni) to be included. The ultimate dream is to keep JNU alumni in touch with their university Alma Mater and with other JNUites.

      Those JNU students who are willing to get in touch with future students from their country are welcome to give their (email / home) addresses so that they can be contacted.

      MENTORING: the basis of our successful intercultural co-operation and actions against exclusion. I appeal strongly to old/current students to share their experiences with newly arriving students, regardless of culture, creed or caste, especially the disadvantaged ones, and to inform us of any cases of discrimination.

      Nobody is to be blamed for any mistake in this information guide, that is only my responsibility.

      V. W. Peter (Belgium)
      239 Sabarmati Hostel

      P.S.:This guide is only a humble attempt at coming to grips with the complex Indian surreality...

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