Important matters to settle before leaving are:

  • If ICCR pays for your ticket, request it 2 months in advance; only at the completion of the studies will it be given;

  • Make sure you have claimed the whole amount of your scholarship, i.e. all monthly maintenance fees, the contingency fund and refunds of hostel establishment charges/HRA, study tour, summer camp(s), dissertation/thesis costs, or medical expenses (see SCHOLARSHIP (ICCR)).

  • Are your dues paid in the Centre, library, mess, hostel and stadium - get the 8 signatures on the form "No Dues Certificate": start with the librarian and hand in your library card and end with the school AO;

  • Submit an application on the appropriate form (BA / MA in Admn.Bld. room 020; Mphil / PhD in room 030) for a provisional degree, i.e. mark sheet and proof of your taking the examinations; it will be issued a week after the results are out, it is not sent automatically to your home.

  • Submit a form in your School for the original diploma to be sent home - that can take up to two years, but JNU does not send it automatically, so it's better to ask a friend in JNU to send it to you;

  • To get your marksheets, pay the fee at the cashier in Ad.Block (9h30-12h30);
  • Ask for a recognition / recommendation / testimony letter from your professor(s);

  • It is a good idea to keep in touch with students who stay longer in JNU so that they can help you in case you need something later from the administration or have your mail forwarded. Give them a signed authorisation letter which includes a xerox of your I-card (both sides); to get the final degree and marksheet for someone else and in case this has not been done (or you do not have such a copy), it is necessary to do the "no dues" clearance (8 signatures, starting with the librarian and ending with the school AO).
  • PhD viva: give your centre office and supervisor your email and telephone numbers so they can get in touch with you for communicating the date of your viva; foreign students may avail of a week's stay in a hostel as a guest when they come back for their viva.

  • Obtain permission ("no objection") to leave India from FRRO if you stayed longer than 6 months and you do not have a valid multiple entry visa;

  • Go to FRRO if you need:
    • extension of stay up to 15 days if you have a confirmed air ticket due to non-availability of flight.
    • regularisation of overstay of visa up to 3 months under genuine exigent conditions.
    • short extension of 3 months on student visa.

  • Reclaim your deposits
    • from the hostel;
    • from the bank;
    • for the telephone;
    • for the TV decoder;
  • You can attest/legalize your degree with the Indian authorities (corner Kasturba Gandhi and Canning Marg) and/or with your embassy;

  • Some FNs need a police verification that they have stayed for their study period in India without indulging in criminal activity (“good behaviour certificate”) to add to job applications at home.

  • If you stayed longer than 120 days, get your Income Tax Clearance certificate in the ITO building (Foreign Section, closed 1-2 pm, tel. 331-6161 ext. 1650) after closing your bank account;

  • Reconfirm the flight 72 hrs B4 departure (“OK” status) (addresses/tel. numbers of airlines, see Guide & Map (appendix));

  • Unaccompanied luggage must be cargoed exactly 2 days in advance at the IGI Export Cargo section (building 1km before airport, right side): take your passport and someone who knows how to do it; you can cargo without actually flying: buy a ticket, do the cargo, then get the ticket refunded. Cargoing is much cheaper than taking extra-luggage with you when you fly.

  • If you want to take more luggage with you in the plane than allowed, talk to the station manager of your airline some days before the flight and explain that you are a student with heavy books;

  • Remember that there is a Rs. 500 departure tax for all countries except for Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar (Burma), Afghanistan and Pakistan for which it is Rs. 150. The tax may be included in your ticket, otherwise you have to pay it in the airport bank;

  • No Rupees may be taken out of India;

  • Be 3 hours before your flight in the airport; and

  • People without a valid ticket cannot accompany you inside the airport; after checking in your luggage you can insist to come outside again, e.g. to say:
“Bye bye, JNU, all the best.”


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