• Traffic in Delhi is hell by day and dangerous by night: look out in all directions for vehicles and, unless you travel in a truck, everyone forces you to give way.
  • 2000-odd people (there used to be a daily death count on a counter located at ITO crossroads) are prematurely reincarnated yearly in Delhi due to accidents (in all India: 130,000). Many more are killed due to the pollution caused by the traffic.
  • There are 5.8 million vehicles in Delhi (2009). Every day more than 1,000 are added.

    Help the Police to help you: 24 hours Traffic Helpline: 23 01 01 01 dial 373-7300 for traffic rules violations, signal failure or lack of cops.

    Under section 11(9) the Motor Vehicles Act stipulates that no public transport system shall refuse to carry passengers: buses, taxis, rickshaws. The complaint cell operates 24 hours a day (see TELEPHONE NUMBERS), if written complaints (only about overcharging, misbehaviour, non-acceptance of trips, faulty metres, not stopping at the bus stop) against the same driver are received his permit is reportedly cancelled: write date, time, place, vehicle number plate and your name / address / signature to: Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), 9th floor, Police HQ, IP Marg, New Delhi 110002. Many will be grateful to you…

    Please be responsible:

  • Stick to your lane
  • Respect cyclists and pedestrians (especially on zebra crossings)
  • Use public transportation instead of personal vehicles
  • Use subways, foot over bridges for crossing the road
  • Pedestrians, walk facing the coming vehicles, even if you have to suffer the blinding headlights.


  • Don't speed
  • Don’t jump red lights
  • Don't overtake from left
  • Don't use your horns


  • Any vehicle without this certificate is liable to be fined INR 1,000 (1st offence) and INR 2,000 (later offences).
  • Report excessive smoke emitting vehicles (give vehicle make, registration number, time, place, date) to 15 53 45

    BUS ^

    A DTC-bus pass for 1 or 3 month(s) is issued by the DTC-counter (Tefla's 10-1230 am Tuesdays, Thursday, Fridays; SN Depot, Africa Avenue, 8am-3pm; or Scindia House in CP, 8am-5 pm). A form & card have to be filled in and you need a photo attested by the AO. They make the other photo on the spot with a webcam. It costs Rs.18 and you have to extend it within 4 days of expiry. The full price of the pass is Rs. 65 for 4 months. Use the pass on all normal DTC-buses. Bus tickets vary from Rs. 3 to 10 (Rs. 3 per 3 km). Night buses charge Rs. 10.

    White line comfortable “chartered” buses are faster (fewer stops), Rs. 8 or 10, and Green line buses are faster but not so comfortable: Rs. 10.

    Buses have many accidents - nothing (not even another bus) can stop them, except a... cow. Buses don't always stop when taking passengers, so be quick to jump. A seat is problematic, first come, first seated. On the left side places are for ladies only. Ladies should be aware that Indian men do not always keep their hands to themselves. Board in the back, buy a ticket/show your pass and move forwards long before you have to get off in the front. If caught without ticket/pass: Rs. 100 fine or 15 days in prison. Enjoy the ride!!!

    Bus routes

    56 New Delhi Railway Station (Paharganj) to Priya cinema.

    604 New Delhi Rly Station (Ajmeri Gate), CP, Shantipath Chanakyapuri, Sangam cinema, V.V. bus depot.

    615 starts from Poorvanchal, passes all the hostels, down Nelson Mandela Marg to the Outer Ring Road in Munirka, Africa Avenue, Bhikaji Cama, SN, Safdarjung Airport (Delhi Gliding Club), Prithviraj Road, Janpath, CP, Minto Road terminus (near New Delhi Rly Station). The first/last one leaves around 615 am, the last one around 10 pm.

    620 starts in Hauz Khas under the flyover over Aurobindo Marg (near IIT main gate), Nasir Marg, Outer Ring Road, Munirka, Sangam Cinema, Shantipath Chanakyapuri, Teen Murti, crosses Rajpath and Ashoka Road, Sansad Marg, CP, Shivaji Stadium.

    621 starts in Poorvanchal, passes all the hostels, Baba Gangnath Marg towards Ber Sarai, Outer Ring Road towards Munirka, Outer Ring Road (direction airport), cuts through R(ama) K(rishna) Puram, rejoins Africa Avenue, SN, Safdarjung Airport (Delhi Gliding Club), Aurangzeb Rd, India Gate, Tilak Marg, FRRO, ITO, ISBT.

    666 an erratic line from/to Poorvanchal to/from Ber Sarai.

    764 Outer Ring Road, Palam village from/to NP.

    How to get from JNU to …? ^

    Munirka = 1st bus stop on the Outer Ring Road.
    # = you cross the road and take in the opposite direction.
    ; = you get down and take in the same direction.
    // = several ways or buses to get there.

    AIIMS : 615 Munirka ; 507// 621// 623.
    Airports (both) : 615 Munirka # 620 ; 780.
    Chanakya cinema: 615 to M block ; walk under the bridge.
    Ber Sarai : 666 (very rare) // walk past stadium.
    Chanakyapuri : 615 Munirka # 620 // 604 Shantipath.
    CP : 615 // 615 Munirka # 620 // 604 // 56 .
    Delhi University : 615 Munirka # 621 ISBT ; 210 or 220 // 615 Bhikaji Kama; Mudrika bus to Mall Road // 615 to CP ; 139,164, 104 // 615 Meridien hotel ; Feroz Shah Rd 220 or 240. (In good old times: U-special direct!)
    FRRO: 615 Bhikaji Cama // walk past Hyatt hotel.
    Gomtiguesthouse: JNU-bus // 615 Meridien Hotel ; any bus
    from Feroz Shaz Marg to Mandi House.
    HOME Ministry : 615 Prithviraj Rd ; any bus 1 stop ; walk .
    HRD-Ministry : 615 Meridien Hotel ; walk back, 1st right.
    ICCR : see ITO.
    IGI : 615 Munirka # 620 ; 780.
    IIC : 615 Safdarjung Madrasa ; autorickshaw.
    IIT : 615 Munirka ; 50 // 620 // 764.
    INA : 615 Munirka ; 621 // 507 // 56.
    ISBT : 615 Munirka # 621 // 603 from
    Vasant Continental // 615 CP; 101.
    ITO : 615 Munirka # 621 // 615 Meridien
    Hotel; Feroz Shah Road: most buses.
    Jamia Milia Univ. : 615 Munirka ; 507.
    Karol Bagh : 750 from Old Campus.
    Moti Bagh : 615 Munirka # 620//604//680//511.
    N. Del. R Station: 615 Terminus; cycle rickshaw (Rs. 5) //
    615 Munirka ; 604 // 56 (Paharganj)
    Nizamuddin : 615 Munirka ; 507// Safd. Madrassa; Auto.
    Old Campus : walk ( via stadium)
    Old Del. Station : Go to ITO ; 502.
    Paharganj : see N(ew) Delhi R(ailway) Station.
    Priya : A healthy walk.
    Safdarjung Hosp.: 615 Munirka ; 507 or 621.
    Scindia house : 615 CP.
    Shantipath : see Chanakyapuri.
    SN (rail reservat.) : 615 SN Market.
    SouthExtension : 615 to Bhikaji Kama ; any bus to the
    right // 615 Munirka ; 507.
    Vasant Kunj : 615 Munirka or N. Mandela Road # 66 // 604 // 616.
    YMCA : 615 Munirka # 620 Ashoka Rd.
    Youth Hostel : 615 Munirka # 620 Indonesia embassy.


    Autos are the most polluting vehicles! has the current fare system, but only when the meter starts at 8.00. If it starts at Rs. 5.00 then one has to add the amount showing as fare, with the number of kilometers that the meter shows and then add Rs. 3.00 to the amount. Plus, each auto driver is supposed to carry a fare chart with him and there is a complaint number where a person can call and complain, but be sure to ask for the complaint number! This will at least make the person taking the complaint, take it more seriously because one can then call back, give the complaint number and ask as to what has been done about it! The number is 9604-400-400.

    TAXI ^

    Starting price: Rs. 5.
    Price = meter X 5 + 3.50 (+ 25% night charge).
    When in doubt, ask the fare chart (day/night side).
    Taxis left and right of the North Gate are reliable.
    You can hire a taxi for 4 (40 km) or 8 hrs (80 km) for Rs. 300 or 600.


    The campus is an ideal place for cycling but outside the roads are in a bad condition; not only will you be faster and freer than in any bus but - if you survive the traffic - stay in good condition as well. Repair wallahs do their thing outside the North Gate (right side) and on the way to Vasant Continental hotel: Rs. 4 per puncture. For bigger repairs/purchases, cycle down to Munirka: behind the 615 stop is a shop. Ask students about 2nd hand cycles or buy a new one, mountain or race bike. I’ve cycled from Vasant Kunj to Gurgaon off road… Cycling is cool, man! Join “Critical Mass” club to push cyclists’ interests, write to:
    Take care when you buy a scooter or bike: check if all the paperwork is okay. Without helmet cops may stop and fine you (except female pillion): Rs 100. Drive carefully…


    Scooters and bikes can’t take you without a helmet, but late at night you can also try getting empty private (hotel, airline, ...) buses or prepaid taxis returning to the airport (e.g. on the Outer Ring Road), these take you for Rs. 10. Make sure you know the way. Girls, take care. Boys, hitching with a girl goes faster.


    Always carry your I-card and passport.

    When travelling in a group you generally get a concession; always mention that you are a (JNU) student. ICCR has concession forms for railways and air-fares (see VII. Scholarship (ICCR)).

    Get information in the tourist information offices of the various Indian states.

    Whenever you check into a guesthouse or hotel, they ask for your passport / RC.


    In Paharganj there are cheap travel agencies to book an organised trip by (non) AC coach. Check also the state "Bhavans" for information on trips.
    Most inter-state buses leave from ISBT - Haryana, Himachal, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP - or Sarai Kale Khan ISBT (near Hazrat Nizamuddin Rly Station).


    Ask your Centre or ICCR (even if not connected to your studies) for 50% concession forms (under 25 yrs);

    "Trains at a Glance" (Rs. 15, magazine shops) has all the train names/schedules/fares or check the web site:

    Reservations can be made 60 days in advance in the Railway Reservation counter - which we had been promised on campus since 1997, new students will never understand what real suffering meant! - inside the Old Estate Building (10 am-4 pm), or SN Inquiry Office (8 am-8 pm) or New Delhi Rly Station, Paharganj side (Mon.-Sat. 8am-8pm; Sun. -1 pm). Take your concession form, fill in a reservation slip (name / number / date of the train, veg / non-veg / AC / berth) and queueueueueue (women have an own one).

    Tatkal scheme: for some trains you can get reservation 1 day in advance for one carriage (72 berths/seats) only; you need to queue from before 7am to be the first at the counter, take your I-card and pay Rs. 50 extra.

    You can pay your ticket with a credit card.

    It is possible to have stopovers with the same ticket: enquire. "RAC" means Reservation Against Cancellation: you're allowed to board the train (seating) and the conductor will try to find a berth for you. ("Waiting list" doesn't give you the right to board - try). There’s always a ticket for the General Section “3rd class” benches in the first 2 carriages…

    Refunds: 12 hours after departure is the deadline; for unreserved tickets the deadline is departure plus 3 hrs.

    The tourist booking (not for foreign students - they check your visa - but try anyway) is on 1st. floor in New Delhi station; Mon.-Sat. 730 am - 5 pm, tel. 373-4164, 334-6804; fax: 334-3050); you have to pay either in foreign currency or in rupees with an encashment certificate (they can waive this with a signature by a desk officer who sits on the side). Seats for next day are usually available!

    Travel agencies do train tickets reservation(+Rs.40).

    New Delhi Rly Station has two sides: Paharganj (cheap hotels) and Ajmeri Gate (604; 615 bus terminus “Minto Road”, cycle rickshaw for Rs. 5).

    From New to Old Delhi Rly Station: by pre-paid auto for Rs. 30 or by bus 6 for Rs. 4.

    The situation in railway stations is very confusing: ask porters the right platform and check your ticket/name against the lists pasted outside the respective coaches.

    Take a chain and padlock to secure your luggage and don't forget a water container and/or snacks; both are available in every station but the tap water cannot be trusted. Don't venture too far from the train as it may leave suddenly. Don’t sit on the train roof. Do not surrender your ticket at the exit of the railway station, because you need it for use in cloak and rest rooms upon arrival.


    You can rent a (non) AC car (e.g. Ambassador) with driver: on average you pay Rs. (8) 16/km with a minimum of 250km (=Rs. 800/day). It's more expensive when you cross a state border (taxes!), so e.g. for Rajasthan it's cheaper from Jaipur.


    The rule for the airlines is that the student discount is only between the place of study and residence or back. A form has to be attested by the school. These are the minimum airline discounts on full economy fare – nationals of the airline may get an additional discount. Tickets are usually cheaper with agents; they may add another 7 % to these airline discounts:

    Airline % discount age limit destinations

    Aeroflot 30 none all
    Air France 25 none to France
    British Airways 25-30 none UK;Banglad.
    Egypt Air 25-30 26 resid-study
    Emirates 30 26 resid-study
    Gulf Air 30 26 resid-study
    Indian Airlines 25(in $) 30 all
    Iran Air 30 26 Bom-Teh
    Japan Airlines 25 26 Tokyo/Osaka
    Kazachstan Airl. 40 none Del-Almaty
    KLM 25 26 Europe
    Lufthansa 25 26 or 30 resid-study
    Malaysian Airl. 25 none resid-study
    Pakistan I Airl. 25 30 all
    Royal Nepali 25 30 Del-Kath
    Sahara 25 30 all
    SAS none
    Singapore Airl. 25 26 S. East Asia
    South African 30 26 or 30 resid-study
    Thai Int. Airlines 25 26 resid-study

    ISIC cardholders (Rs. 200, 1 photograph, bonafide certificate, in Hotel Janpath, Janpath) get 25% discount on flights booked with STIC Travels (Chandralok Bldg, opp. Hotel Janpath) under 30 yrs for the US and under 26 yrs for other flights.

    If you buy cheap tickets from touts, call the airline to confirm that your are booked on the flight.


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