Arrange to be in JNU before 14 August (deadline).

  • passport with student or research visa;

  • original, attested copies & translation of degrees;

  • enough money for arrival (taxi, accommodation);

  • letter of acceptance from JNU;

  • proof of enough money if self-financing student;

  • letter of ICCR if scholarship holder; and

  • ICCR scholarshipholders must inform a couple of weeks before their departure the Indian High Commission/embassy of their exact time of arrival in Delhi so that an ICCR car can pick them up at the airport;


  • yellow fever certificate (WHO) if coming (even in transit) from South America, Papua New Guinea or Africa, in the last 6 days;

  • Have you gone to the dentist's in the last six months?

  • Do you have a card on you with your blood type?

  • Have you received all necessary vaccinations?

  • Do you have a card with all your vaccinations, their dates and validity?

  • Have you prepared a personal pharmacy with the medicines you usually take? (In India you will find all types of medicines, but perhaps not all the brandnames you are used to, so it's a good idea to ask your pharmacy to give you a description of the effective ingredients of the medicines you need.)

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: a certain stress-immune sense of humour.


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